About Charles Joy

Chuck Joy, poet, writes fun poetry one line at a time. Producer and poet host, Poetry Night, a weekly poetry event. Finalist, Erie County (PA) Poet Laureate. Author, Said the Growling Dog (Nirala Publications), Percussive (Turning Point), Every Tiger Wants To Sing (Poets’ Hall Press). More at chuckjoy.com.

What happens on Tuesday… We call Poetry Night.

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Calamari’s. At the uptown end of downtown Erie. 1317 State. Turn left in the lobby to a long bar as well as booths and tables with raised seating in the back and entrance to the patio, with another entrance to the stairs that lead to another bar and two big rooms upstairs. Turn right in [...]

Poetry in Erie, Pennsylvania

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Another delightful activity available to visitors to Pennsylvania, most definitely in the northwest corner of the Keystone State around Erie, is poetry. Hello, I’m Chuck Joy, the poet host of Poetry Night, a weekly poetry event in Erie, and Poetry Night might be as good as any place to begin exploring Poetry in Erie.