What happens on Tuesday… We call Poetry Night.

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Calamari’s. At the uptown end of downtown Erie. 1317 State. Turn left in the lobby to a long bar as well as booths and tables with raised seating in the back and entrance to the patio, with another entrance to the stairs that lead to another bar and two big rooms upstairs. Turn right in [...]

Poetry in Erie, Pennsylvania

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Another delightful activity available to visitors to Pennsylvania, most definitely in the northwest corner of the Keystone State around Erie, is poetry. Hello, I’m Chuck Joy, the poet host of Poetry Night, a weekly poetry event in Erie, and Poetry Night might be as good as any place to begin exploring Poetry in Erie.

10 of the Quaintest Small Towns to Visit in Pennsylvania

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Although big cities like Philadelphia often come to mind when people think about Pennsylvania, the Keystone State also offers a vast and beautiful countryside. Visitors discover picturesque lakes, impressive mountains, quaint covered bridges and traditional Amish farms. If you travel through rural areas, be sure to explore at least one of the top 10 small [...]

Top 10 Craft Breweries in Pennsylvania

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One of the best reasons to visit Pennsylvania is to check out the incredible array of breweries found within the state. Craft breweries are popping up across Pennsylvania, creating a vibrant beer culture in small towns and big cities alike. Take a closer look at the top 10 breweries in Pennsylvania and start planning your [...]

Top 10 Lakes to Visit in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania offers thousands of beautiful lakes that span more than 150,000 acres. During the summer, the Keystone State represents an appealing destination for vacationers who like to swim, fish, sail, scuba dive or water ski, and some even enjoy snowmobiling or ice fishing in the winter. Here are 10 of the top lakes to worthy [...]

The Top 10 Most Popular Historical Sites to Visit in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania is packed with historical sites. Whether you want to get to know the Founding Fathers a little better, enjoy incredible views of cities like Pittsburgh or explore the history of places like Erie, there is no shortage of attractions to choose from. If you're planning a trip to Pennsylvania, include as many of these [...]