One of the best reasons to visit Pennsylvania is to check out the incredible array of breweries found within the state. Craft breweries are popping up across Pennsylvania, creating a vibrant beer culture in small towns and big cities alike. Take a closer look at the top 10 breweries in Pennsylvania and start planning your next getaway.

1. Yards Brewing Company


This is one of the biggest and most important breweries in Philadelphia. It ignited the craft beer scene in Philly, and the spacious tasting room is a fun place to unwind and sip ales in the heart of the city.

2. Troegs Brewing Company


This independent craft brewery in Hershey offers self-guided tours, letting you see how your favorite beers are made before you start drinking. Head to Troegs on Thursdays to sip their small-batch beers that are only available in a limited release each week.

3. Victory Brewing Company


Now the largest craft brewery in the Philadelphia region, Victory is a huge name in Pennsylvania beer. Their hoppy IPA is a classic hit, but they offer a wide range of beers. They also have additional brewery locations in the area, although the Chester County location is the original.

4. Stoudts Brewing Company


Stoudts, located in Adamstown, claims to be the state’s very first microbrewery. Led by the first female brewmaster since the prohibition, Stoudts has a serious reputation for quality brews. Their kitchen also prepares excellent food, all of which is made from scratch.

5. Appalachian Brewing Company 


The Appalachian Brewing Company was established in a huge building more than 100 years old in Harrisburg. Although there are now six locations, head to the original for guided tours of the brewing process every Saturday afternoon.

6. Lancaster Brewing Company


At the Lancaster Brewing Company, there is definitely a local approach to beer production. Local produce is used to flavor their beers, and it’s hard not to see the local influence on beers like the Hop Buggy Amish Grain Amber Ale.

7. Voodoo Brewery


If you want to sample some unusual, creative craft beers, then be sure to check out Voodoo Brewery in downtown Meadville. You’ll find a spicy wheat ale flavored with peppercorns and a Pilsner packed with eight kinds of hops among their extensive selection.

8. ShuBrew


North of Pittsburgh in Zelienople is ShuBrew, another fun craft brewery that takes pleasure in eccentric beer names and creative flavor combinations. If you’re with friends that aren’t beer fans, ShuBrew is still a great choice thanks to a full menu and some fantastic cocktail options.

9. Endless Brewing Company


In the Endless Mountains of Upstate PA, you’ll find the appropriately named Endless Brewing Company. Locals hops and fruits are used to flavor many of their beers, and a refreshing favorite during the summer months is the Tart Cherry Cider. Many of the beers are still brewed in five-gallon batches, so there is always something new to try.

10. East End Brewing Company


The East End Brewing Company is one of the largest and most successful craft breweries in Pittsburgh. They have added a new location in the Strip District, but the East End original is a top pick for fun flavors like a banana hefeweizen and lots of outdoor seating. Plus, they offer many of their brews in cans so you can take home a few souvenirs of your visit.

Planning Your Craft Brew Itinerary

With so many craft breweries in Pennsylvania, the hardest part of taking a trip might be deciding which breweries to visit. A great choice is to find a local beer trail and join in with as many stops as possible. Many regions and cities in Pennsylvania have created beer trail maps and itineraries to help you along.

The Philadelphia Craft Beer Trail is a top pick thanks to 16 different breweries located within the city alone. You can also check out the Lehigh Valley Ale Trail, the Central PA Tasting Trail or the Susquehanna Ale Trail. Wherever you happen to be in Pennsylvania, there is a good chance that a local beer trail map can guide you to the nearest craft brewery.

Whether you’re an ale aficionado or an IPA fanatic, the craft breweries of Pennsylvania have a wide selection of beers ready and waiting for you. From guided tours to tasting sessions, these breweries are some of the top picks in the state.

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